Love Self Realizations


I don’t know why I’m hurt every time you try to walk away. I don’t even know why I feel this way. Maybe my feelings have become complicated because my emotional instability creeps in. I can’t even say I love you because my mind tells me I don’t and shouldn’t but it seems my heart …

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Hapiness & Contentment Self Realizations


Dear heart: Would you mind stop beating for a while? I’m too tired of so may frustrations – unanswered prayers, unfulfilled dreams, broken hope, and lost soul. All of these continue to connive with one another to make me miserable. I’ve been fighting them, trying to look at the positive side of life but I’m …

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Hope Love

An Episode of You

An Episode of

How can I be reasonable? I know I couldn’t justify my actions for all you know I used to be the other woman. Yes, I am a mistress. I am that woman who hides in the darkest alley to meet someone else. I am that shadow that lurks underneath the moon to kiss a man …

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Self Realizations

Beautiful Disaster

I have written poems about everythinguntil emptiness lurked within.I have freed the unspoken wordsuntil fear enveloped thy being.I was in my best – dauntless and bolduntil I stumbled upon your world.I can only despise myself for surrenderingamidst the tempest that has befallen.I can only cry a river of tearsfor the relentless timidity, I have embraced.You …

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