Courage Love Regrets

A Note to Cecilio

A Note to

I’ve got a note for you, Cecilio. It says:“By the time this note reaches you, I am on way to the road-of-the-lost-souls. I’m leaving. One day I just woke up with the thought of going away. I don’t have a particular place in mind but I think I badly need to do this. I know …

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Here I am trying to escape what I can’t undo. I want to run away and never look back. Looking for someone or something to hide. It might be too late to look back but I can’t run away that easily. Remembering those mistakes I had done unto you slowly kills me from time to …

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Frozen Memory


Run across the moonlitand bring forth what was lost.Sway towards the fire burningand take away thy thirst for you.Maybe the starts aren’t on my sidefor they snatched the light towards your way;perhaps the constellations haven’t drawnyour fate to cross mine in the land of forever.It’s as if the universe dispelled your longingand for a split …

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Death Regrets

Poetic Justice


“Do not judge the book by its cover. Let’s love and respect our neighbors regardless of their looks, beliefs, and opinions. May God be with you.”“And also with you.”The mass ended earlier than its usual time.“Mrs. Valderrama, can I have a minute with you?”“Sure Father. What can I do for you?”“I just want to thank …

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Journey Life Regrets

Walking Through Time

Walking through

You earned the respect of everyone. Your academic life was worth-emulating. You always strive to be the best in every endeavor. You came out always the winner. You made sure that your plans are realized (according to when they should be based on your own timeline). Success was not laid to you in a silver …

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