Life Self Realizations

The Girl and Her Woes

The Girl and Her

The forest was high and the leaves were shattered grey. A young lady in blue eyes focused and slipped stealthily through the sun-dappled glade. Her supine body clad in a simple white dress, which reveals her innocence. Slowly, she crept into the bushes with a pearl white face when suddenly, “Aha! I caught you, wicked …

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Journey Life Self Realizations

The Irony of Life

The Irony of

Life is not a racebut why are we running in a maze?to where a fiery dungeon awaitsand a dancing dragon fluctuates.We are in a hurryWe shovel success yet we burySticks into bonesSkulls turn into ashesAll the fakes fled to the bushes.Life is so tragicbut many think its like magic.How sadness envelopseach time depression develops.Life is …

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