Love Reminiscence Self Realizations


Late night walks,Late night talks,Holding hands,Sweet gestures,Hugs and kisses,I love yous and unbending promises,Too young, too naive for love.Where are you now?Late night walks gone,Late night talks no more,Holding hands faded,Sweet gestures turned into coldness,Hugs and kisses turned into a glance from a distance,I love yous and unbending promises became bittersweet memories of the past,Too …

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Love Reminiscence

I loved you.

I loved youUntil you became words.Words in my poetry,An untold story I’ve written,A rhyme at the end of my poems,A character in my novel,A protagonist in the imaginary world,A song I played in my playlist,A dance I once hooped in,A dream I once dreamed of,A bittersweet memory in the past,A love that was not meant …

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Adulthood Life


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” When we were young, we often hear that kind of question. Naturally, we were quick to give our answer. As a child, we believed that everything belonged to us. We even owned the stars and imagined that they only shone for us. We asked for …

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