5 Common Lies We Tell

We must admit it. We lie. Lying is intentional because reasons push us to. Whatever reasons we have, the act is still wrong. We’ve been taught not to do it but sometimes we have to. With regards to that, here are some common lies we often tell others. Which among these do you often tell?1. …

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Courage Life

Paragon of Lost Souls


To all lost souls, I hope you can be found. I hope you can find your way back home. I know you don’t want to stay there longer but you just can’t easily leave. There are many reasons to leave but they’re not enough. You’re looking for that sole reason but you don’t even know …

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Journey Religion

Eastern Candle lights

Blinded by the incandescent light of your graceI’m standing diligently on your door waiting for some traceI had a solid stance of a mighty warriorWhile you are above all our kings and saviors.Through all Your body’s pains and wounds, You stayedThrough all the weeping and gnashing of people’s judgment, You hailed.Through your death thy holiness …

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Hope Journey Life

A Poem of Life

A Poem of

If you don’t know the word adversityThen you’re far away from realityIf you don’t know the painThen you’ll never meet gain. Why should you worry about tomorrow?Why not learn to grow?Face uncertainty with courageAnd never be discourage. Learn to shine like the sunOne day all your struggles will be goneLearn to value your existenceSomeone else …

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Death Life

The Unwanted Guest

The Unwanted

Gasping on the floorLying in the cornerWaiting for a cureI’ll be gone sooner or later. I count my heartbeatI manage to breathebut I’m slowly fadingsilently disappearing. The pulse rate stop in motionMy eyes have no visionI can’t hear anymoreI’m dead – – it’s for sure. Yagami“The Pen Witch” – Casting spell with my pen.

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Courage Journey Life Peace Uncategorized

Haikus of Life

Lighthouse Let your heart shine brightAmidst darkness of thy worldGuide thy wanderers.The ClimbTrekking to great heightsI courageously reached the peakof ’tis trail of hope.The CrematoriumAs I rest in peaceLet thy soul be burned in the fireThy ashes are thrownin ravishing fallsThy ice-cold mountain waterswill be my refuge. Ryuk MikamiSmall but powerful. I am thirsty for …

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Journey Life Society

The Courier

My mother was killed when I was nine years of age. She was a widow and the only one that raised us until she was gone. At a young age, my innocent mind was opened upon a realization about the ways of life. I have three younger siblings and I have no choice but to raise …

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