Journey Life

Carte blanche


Gender’s undefinedThe brain’s out of mindWhen I look into your eyesIt felt like a distant lullabyI want to be so surebut all the scar remains uncure.Is there enough possibility?I don’t need your animosity.Those fame, stardom: possessions in this world,Those things don’t really matter.They can’t even cater. For my needs this day cannot be measured.Is there …

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Courage Hope Life


My stepfather raped me when I was eleven years old. At a young age, I suffered extreme sexual abuse with the man I thought would love and raised me as his own child. I was wrong about this and my life became miserable whenever my mother was not around. I told my mother about the …

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Her Darkest Night

Stormy nights always hunt her whenever heavy rain pours down in the wide green fields. Lightning and thunder seem taunting her like what happens in her past. Those scenarios are always fresh from her mind and soul.Looking back from her past makes her eyes teary. Those nights are a nightmare and pure hell. She’ll never …

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