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Carte blanche


Gender’s undefinedThe brain’s out of mindWhen I look into your eyesIt felt like a distant lullabyI want to be so surebut all the scar remains uncure.Is there enough possibility?I don’t need your animosity.Those fame, stardom: possessions in this world,Those things don’t really matter.They can’t even cater. For my needs this day cannot be measured.Is there …

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Haikus of Life

Lighthouse Let your heart shine brightAmidst darkness of thy worldGuide thy wanderers.The ClimbTrekking to great heightsI courageously reached the peakof ’tis trail of hope.The CrematoriumAs I rest in peaceLet thy soul be burned in the fireThy ashes are thrownin ravishing fallsThy ice-cold mountain waterswill be my refuge. Ryuk MikamiSmall but powerful. I am thirsty for …

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The Courier

My mother was killed when I was nine years of age. She was a widow and the only one that raised us until she was gone. At a young age,┬ámy innocent mind was opened upon a realization about the ways of life. I have three younger siblings and I have no choice but to raise …

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Here comes the lonesome hoursSo peaceful yet disturbing.Every tick serves as a warning to look beyond the hanging walls. Maybe the time has its own way of stealing things from our control. With its uncertain and decisive reason, one becomes the subject of fallacy.If thy words become irrelevant, if thy thoughts become irrational,and if thy …

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