Hope Love

Language of Fools

Language of Fools-thespokensilence.com

I’ve waited for youbut not even your shadow showed up.I’ve waited for youbut you left me alone in the middle of the rain.The heavy downpour danced with meas my tears vied with the rain’s cadence.You didn’t come, my lovebut I still waited… I’ll wait for you –at the end of the uncertaintyand above the clouds …

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Courage Hope

His Last Stand


I see a man with a broken smile.I see a warrior with a wounded knee.I see a dreamer with a broken hope.I see a preacher with a tattered word.Tears from a painful loss covered his eyeswith a heart full of queries and confusions.I don’t know this man so wellbut only one thing is certain-he is …

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Courage Life

Paragon of Lost Souls


To all lost souls, I hope you can be found. I hope you can find your way back home. I know you don’t want to stay there longer but you just can’t easily leave. There are many reasons to leave but they’re not enough. You’re looking for that sole reason but you don’t even know …

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Hope Love

To the Other Woman


You think you should be proudbecause you’ve got what’s mine,because you have him and I have no one,because he chose you over me? You think you should be happybecause my heart is broken,because you think I’m a loser,because I look stupid? You think you should be pleasedbecause he makes you happy,because he loves you more …

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Courage Hope Life



My stepfather raped me when I was eleven years old. At a young age, I suffered extreme sexual abuse with the man I thought would love and raised me as his own child. I was wrong about this and my life became miserable whenever my mother was not around. I told my mother about the …

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Hope Love

To my Beloved


Greetings to you my secret lover!I am writing you this letteralthough inside I do wonderWhy am I holding this crumpled piece of paper?The black ink that I used was like sadness because of your absence.It helped me to be poetic and emotional as I cry out everything through this pen.Don’t mind the font or style …

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Courage Hope Journey

The Fugitive


I was sentenced for the crime I didn’t make 5 years ago. I was imprisoned even there’s no evidence against me and that was the sad part. They accused me of killing the son of a well-known tycoon without any proof. The victim was killed near our street and I was walking my way home …

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