Freedom Love

His Greatest Play

His Greatest

Beneath the misty moonlitI stood alone waiting to be hit.Taking all the anger within meI told time to let things be. Shouting with all the forces I have,I cursed this thing called love.Finally taking one step awayI wish I’ll never meet any day. I’d love to know I never existedand feel like I’m always bested.You’ve …

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Journey Life

Carte blanche


Gender’s undefinedThe brain’s out of mindWhen I look into your eyesIt felt like a distant lullabyI want to be so surebut all the scar remains uncure.Is there enough possibility?I don’t need your animosity.Those fame, stardom: possessions in this world,Those things don’t really matter.They can’t even cater. For my needs this day cannot be measured.Is there …

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Courage Hope Journey

The Fugitive

I was sentenced for the crime I didn’t make 5 years ago. I was imprisoned even there’s no evidence against me and that was the sad part. They accused me of killing the son of a well-known tycoon without any proof. The victim was killed near our street and I was walking my way home …

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