Courage Hope

His Last Stand

I see a man with a broken smile.I see a warrior with a wounded knee.I see a dreamer with a broken hope.I see a preacher with a tattered word.Tears from a painful loss covered his eyeswith a heart full of queries and confusions.I don’t know this man so wellbut only one thing is certain-he is …

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Courage Life

Paragon of Lost Souls


To all lost souls, I hope you can be found. I hope you can find your way back home. I know you don’t want to stay there longer but you just can’t easily leave. There are many reasons to leave but they’re not enough. You’re looking for that sole reason but you don’t even know …

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The Slaves of Bishiva

In 1989, the city of Bishiva was destroyed by the kingdom of Lumidaz. Many lives were taken by the invasion of King Lumi on this day. King Lumi summoned his men to burn the whole city of Bishiva. Some Bishivans luckily survived that assault but put into slavery. Slavery began when King Lumi dethroned his …

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