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Queen of Isolation

I am filled with abrasive and monotonous noisessprouting from such annoying and jarring voices. They perpetually vex the placidity of thy heart, proudly showing off their excruciating art. Seeing their festive facades impedes thy visionso eradicating them is my daunting mission. I can’t stand it anymore- I built a secluded kingdoma dwelling place of unearthly …

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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern: I know that you feel like I talked about you. I know that you’re thinking I’m thinking of you too. I know that you’re trying to make yourself believe that you still matter to me. I know your wishful thoughts are making you happy by entertaining false hopes. Enough! Do …

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To My First Love

I am doubtful whether by chance you’ll read this or by guts that I’ll tell you to keep your eyes on this. I don’t exactly know why I wrote this. Maybe because I wanted to emancipate the well-kept thoughts about you. I don’t intend to initiate a second chance between us because I know there …

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