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Lying naked on the floor,
I am giving you my all.
crying bitterly sour,
I offer you my soul.

Take me,
Take all of my being.
Use me,
make a leap of faith, through me.
convert me to be your servant
For this is all I want

I want you to be my master
my soul-redeemer.
Let your divine intervention
purify my imperfection.
I am giving you power over me,
be incharged of my own journey
my captain
my chief
my savior
my God.

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Journey Religion

Eastern Candle lights


Blinded by the incandescent light of your graceI’m standing diligently on your door waiting for some traceI had a solid stance of a mighty warriorWhile you are above all our kings and saviors.Through all Your body’s pains and wounds, You stayedThrough all the weeping and gnashing of people’s judgment, You hailed.Through your death thy holiness …

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Life Religion Self Realizations

I thirst


I thirst for things that cannot be quenched.I thirst to find them all around the place.I roamed and roamed and got no traceand now here I am, having a conversation with Him.He said, “Come to all ye faithful servants, tell me thy yearnings, I will heal those and give you everlasting love.I said, “I thirst Oh …

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Truth of lies, lies of truth.


M1: Who are you? Where am I?M2: Your time has come.M1: Am I dead?M2: Follow me, I should take you now.M1: Wait. You did not answer my question. Who are you?M2: Stop asking questions. Trust me. I won’t harm you.M1: Are you God? Am I in heaven?M2: Why do you ask?M1: But you’re not possibly …

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