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Lying naked on the floor,
I am giving you my all.
crying bitterly sour,
I offer you my soul.

Take me,
Take all of my being.
Use me,
make a leap of faith, through me.
convert me to be your servant
For this is all I want

I want you to be my master
my soul-redeemer.
Let your divine intervention
purify my imperfection.
I am giving you power over me,
be incharged of my own journey
my captain
my chief
my savior
my God.

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Beautiful Lie

From thoughts to deeds, they wanderslow creeping creatures who are fonder. Towards the swampy and marshy landout from there they held hand-the struggling slayers of futile souls. Beyond the vastness of narrow cornersthey trek, reaching all the world’s borders. With enticing, devilish bunch of smiles, only unfathomable fear is left along the miles.“Bwahahaha!”, said one …

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Queen of Isolation

I am filled with abrasive and monotonous noisessprouting from such annoying and jarring voices. They perpetually vex the placidity of thy heart, proudly showing off their excruciating art. Seeing their festive facades impedes thy visionso eradicating them is my daunting mission. I can’t stand it anymore- I built a secluded kingdoma dwelling place of unearthly …

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Better Half

The repertoire of hymns creates beauty as silence yields to its hypnotizing serenity. The synchronous beats of enigmatic melody connive with the enthusiasm of each rhapsody. Such is the wondrous scenery amidst tranquility each has its own mystifying quality. Their clashes of fonder craft stupendous glamour pacifying the fiery wrangling of clamor. But hideous creatures …

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