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Would you still be there if my world became dull? Would you still hold my hand if my skin became pale? Would you still love me despite the pain and agony I feel deep down my spine? Would you still stand on that door watching me at one corner, lying in bed while in tears? …

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When you’re gone

When you’re gone the flowers will still bloom in the garden, the butterflies will still dance around the oak tree. When you’re gone the stars above the sky will still glitter in the darkness of the night, the moon will still be there giving some lights to lighten the the dark road. When you’re gone …

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Family Love

When is enough, enough?

You know that you’re supposed to leave but the remaining part of you tells you to hold on. You know that you’re supposed to move on but you’re still at the verge of hoping – that one day there will be a change of heart. You know you’re not anymore his love but the selfish …

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Family Self Realizations


I embarked on my journey finding an antidote for my broken soul. I ventured many places, saw marvelous cities, and talked with different faces. I’ve listened to their stories searching for pertinent situations that could lighten my entity but found nothing. I continued my travel hoping to find some answers about a missing part of …

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