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Quantum of Momentum

Such is the tender beauty of thy heart – an endowment bestowed to a demure woman. Thy majestic facade bloomed in their art, a truly dream masterpiece of every man! But, fate has its own way of transforming scene- a hideous truth that haunts entity as whole. That renowned beauty the civilization had seen turned …

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Death Family Life Society

When you’re gone

When you’re gone the flowers will still bloom in the garden, the butterflies will still dance around the oak tree. When you’re gone the stars above the sky will still glitter in the darkness of the night, the moon will still be there giving some lights to lighten the the dark road. When you’re gone …

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Death Life

Young and Innocent

His childhood was dark and sad Nothing was good; all was bad His life was totally blue No sign of any glow His old days was a mess Memories he won’t recall It was black and dull Young and innocent as a lad He lived like a dead A boy at the young age Suffered …

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Death Regrets

Poetic Justice


“Do not judge the book by its cover. Let’s love and respect our neighbors regardless of their looks, beliefs, and opinions. May God be with you.”“And also with you.”The mass ended earlier than its usual time.“Mrs. Valderrama, can I have a minute with you?”“Sure Father. What can I do for you?”“I just want to thank …

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Courage Death


Scrutinizing eyesand those criticizing lipswelcomed me boldly. Piercing words struck me,claws of injustice tore me,breaking me apart. Amidst the clamorhideous creatures stood behind –devouring, roaring! “Guilty!”, said the judge.The spectators clapped their hands,snatching victory. Despite these memories,I stood firmly, undaunted,wearing a great smile. With vivid facade,fears cannot be reflected.I am still unmoved! The approaching deathcannot …

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Death Life

The Unwanted Guest

The Unwanted

Gasping on the floorLying in the cornerWaiting for a cureI’ll be gone sooner or later. I count my heartbeatI manage to breathebut I’m slowly fadingsilently disappearing. The pulse rate stop in motionMy eyes have no visionI can’t hear anymoreI’m dead – – it’s for sure. Yagami“The Pen Witch” – Casting spell with my pen.

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Worst Nightmare


You know him. You fear him. Out in the dark you grasp for your breath. Your feet no matter how tired they are, never stop from moving. You run as fast as you could. Someone is after you. There are many paths to choose from but all lead to darkness. You just go where feet …

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