My Sea-canvass

As I decided to walk barefoot, my shoe tracks down your footsteps. Yawning into the sea, there you are in glee. I captured your one in a million smile as you run through the sand in a mile. I wonder what makes this sea beautiful that shivers an ambiance so cool. I saw you in …

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Sunsets were made for lovers, yet I paved my footsteps on the sand right where you left your hand. In this villa without covers, your smell lingers yet your image bids farewell. Twilights were made to rekindle old lovers yet here we are, doomed with sorrow. There is nothing here I could borrow to cast …

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Lying naked on the floor,
I am giving you my all.
crying bitterly sour,
I offer you my soul.

Take me,
Take all of my being.
Use me,
make a leap of faith, through me.
convert me to be your servant
For this is all I want

I want you to be my master
my soul-redeemer.
Let your divine intervention
purify my imperfection.
I am giving you power over me,
be incharged of my own journey
my captain
my chief
my savior
my God.

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