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One morning of August.

I woke up one morning of August realizing how different it was yesterday. You were no longer the same person I used to know, and so am I. Changes happened so fast in the past years, like the changing of climate on our planet. Just like the changing of the weather, you became cold as ice. Your heart got numb, freezing with ice and coldness while I appear to be an empty tree watching my leaves falling one by one in autumn. Those leaves were like my hopes and dreams falling, fading and blown out by the wind and this wind was the downfall of losing you in an instant.

I woke up one morning in August thinking why it has to turn that way? Then I realized that people and emotions are subject to this matter, just how the earth changes from time to time. And these changes happen only if we have done something that destroys and harms them. So as for humans, the way we treat them will reflect how they will react towards us. I don’t know, but it seems that I hurt you badly that you’re fatally wounded and incurable; not even time could heal. But then again, I thought that maybe you still have other reasons why you chose that way.

Then I woke up one morning in August looking for answers to questions inside my head. After a long time of wondering, a glimpse of light finally enlightened those unanswered thoughts in my mind. Those questions will no longer bother me when midnight falls. Everything happens for a reason, and I know the Creator of this life allows this to happen between us to give us a lesson to be remembered. I believe He had done it to make us love ourselves first, have clarity before diving into a situation, and test how far we can go after all those pain and betrayal. He made it to let us grow as better individuals for the future, and everything on this earth happens to its perfect timing according to his time.

I woke up one day in August and everything is going to be alright.

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