My Sea-canvass

As I decided to walk barefoot,
my shoe tracks down your footsteps.
Yawning into the sea,
there you are in glee.
I captured your one in a million smile
as you run through the sand in a mile.
I wonder what makes this sea beautiful
that shivers an ambiance so cool.
I saw you in your manly stance,
and with that, shall we dance?
Nursing champagne bottles and wine;
I’m falling deeper into the love of mine.
As the wave touches our toes,
there is nothing more to lose.
There is you and me, in this white sand
kissing while holding each other’s hand.
As my toes brush the fine sea sand,
I came to unveil my only secret.
Come a little bit closer,
for I will passionately whisper:
The magnificent portrait I love the most
is you more than this beach of Ilinois.

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