Adulthood Journey Life


I know there are days in your life that are so hard to bear. The weight you’re carrying on your shoulders is too heavy and painful. There are times you’re too tired and drained to continue and ready to surrender to the test of life. But your story is not yet done, and this is just the beginning of your journey. I know it sounds overrated but believe me, this is just the first part of your life. The first chapter of your life is not as smooth you imagine. Rough roads are ahead of you. Disappointment, failures, heartbreaks, loss are hunting you down, dragging you into depths of isolation and dark paths. But don’t let this sink you in the river full of misery and agony. Rise to move forward, for another chapter will unfold if you hold on. Hold on, hang on there, and continue to walk on these rough roads, for there lie no more struggles at the end of this. The story of your life has just started, and every beginning is a challenge for you to embrace and surpass. Challenges are part of your journey, so accept them with a brave heart and soul. Challenges will eventually shape your character; they will either make you firm and better or weak and worse type of individual across the line of life. It all depends on how you would treat challenges in front of you, and whatever you choose awaits consequences and results. Let these challenges mold you to be a better person in the days coming ahead of you. Rise from your own downfall and allow yourself to grow, to learn more about the ways of life. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your life; you are the own driver of your travel. So set back and fasten your seatbelt, drive slowly but surely with hope and courage within your heart in the long rough roads ahead of you.

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