Adulthood Hope Life

A gift of life.

Oftentimes you ask yourself,
Oftentimes you question your worth.
Some days you doubt yourself,
Some days you question your existence.
Nevertheless, it’s common for all of us —
Doubting ourselves, questioning our worth in this world.
People wander, people get lost,
And eventually, they get drowned by these thoughts.
We question this often without realizing we were born in this world with purpose.
We are blinded by the struggles we face every day.
We are dragged into the depths of our own isolation of escaping the harsh reality.
But always remember that no matter whatever life throws at you, you were born with a purpose.
We just need to find out what we’re capable of and play the role that God has given us.
So next time, if you question why you’re here on this earth, remember that God placed you on this land because you have a mission — a task to be finished according to his will.
Learn to know your worth. Value yourself for you’re created special by our Creator.
Love yourself. Love your life, for it is a special gift from above. Your life is not useless as you thought, so live it in a good way. Do what’s best for you, for the people around you. Live your life every day, for you never know what lies ahead of you. For you never know what the future holds, for you never know when your time in this world ends.

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