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ADULTERIUM: (Welcoming the uninvited guest)

I met this Cuban-man in his 40’s.
Never have I ever thought I’ll be wearing my nighties.
He had the built of a rugby-player
and got that skill of a certified home-wrecker.

We both found one common thing to share with:
Our extreme lust for adventures.
We both ventured to the extent of our own limitations.
We both knew the intensity of the consequences;
that after a massive earthquake is a big after-math
and yet,
we’re still aiming for more and more each day.

The addiction is way too cynical to combat.
I didn’t risk myself from surrendering amidst being caught up.
I want more of him as much as I wanted to save my home.
Am I going too far?
Should I back off now?
Is this how much of a traitor I am?
If so, then…
I will let my guards off
and fasten my seatbelt for this crazy roller-coaster ride.

(to be continued)

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