Hope Life Reminiscence

The Redwood Tree in Amazon

There is only one redwood tree lurking among the million wild forest trees in Amazon.
Its tall, wide, and huge physique
makes it all unique.

I love sitting underneath its feet.
It tells me that there can be no defeat.
Whenever I am resting under its branches,
it gives me shelter;
I won’t go and falter.

Its leaves swinging as the wind kisses it down
gives me solace and calm.
The serene sound of it makes an orchestral lullaby,
It sings me to sleep soundly.

This redwood tree is like the presence of my so longed father.
Its wide and large body made me feel secured
as I saw it grew higher, reaching the skies above.
It seems like it is my father’s touch of love.
Transcended from the portals of heaven,
echoed all the way down to the gates of the earth –
safeguarding my brittle hearth.

That redwood tree is him
telling me to go on!
It’s him always saying I must be strong.
It’s him asking me to be still and grow taller just like that one in a million redwood tree of Amazon.

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