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Time is gold

There are things in life that we can have but can’t keep. One of those is time. Time is said to be the most precious thing you could offer to anybody. As the saying goes “time is gold” and I will agree with this. Looking back in my younger years I often smile hearing someone saying this phrase or writing this as their motto or saying. But as we get older we somehow realize the importance of time and its value in this world. Time is constantly running whether we’re happy or sad, when we succeed or fail, and survive a day or die instantly. We can have time but we cannot control it. Time often is playful with us just like when you’re overflowing with joy it runs fast that you wish to slow down its pace but you can’t and when you feel like the whole world shattered into pieces when you got hurt and pain is all over you and it feels like time is slowing its pace. Time will continue to move in its own pace whether we like it or not. It will only allow us to value its importance in our life. Keep time with you for it is connected with your life for these two are like strings attached with each other. Use your time in things that will make you grow as a person. Use it wisely for you never know when your time in this world would end. Your time in this world is running and no one knows how and when will it end. So live your life in a good way, do stuffs that matters, smile always and be a good soul to people around you.

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