Love Reminiscence Self Realizations


I came up to meet you after a year
The sky was blue and crystal clear
There you are walking from a distance
While I’m watching you with a simple glance.

I stared at your emotionless eyes
No doubt my love for you after a year never dies
I tried to pretend I’m alright when you were near
But could not help myself recall those memories we’ve shared.

I’m hurting and silently dying inside
And in every word, phrase and story I hide
I hide the pain and regrets of yesterday
While asking above how long will it stay.

I love you back to the moon and until now
How to unlove you? Please tell me how.
Because after all these years
You were the reason behind my tears.

And I will always love you
Until the sea’s color no longer in blue
Until the stars above no longer shine
Until the day I run out of line.

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