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Keep Going

No matter how hopeless and depressed you are,
No matter how stuck you feel right now,
No matter how bad things come along your way,
No matter how many days you’ve spent wondering and crying,

Just keep going.

Keep going no matter how hopeless and depressed you are. I know there are days that seem dark and hard to bear. You feel depressed and hopeless about your life, on why things didn’t go or fit with your expectations. You got failed, you lose, got disappointed and started to wonder why life is so unfair sometimes. Just keep going for I know what’s meant for you will come at the right time.

Keep going no matter how stuck you feel right now. You lost yourself at the moment wondering what went wrong with your life. You got stagnant at one direction and unable to move forward. Confusion stir ups your mind again and again and you’re tired to continue to with your life. Life is a long ride to be traveled and if you feel stuck at the moment just rest but never stop at one side. Just continue moving and keep going.

Keep going no matter bad things happen along your way. Sometimes the things, the dreams we desire in life doesn’t come from our expectations. You lost your job, you got broken hearted, your love ones left you unexpectedly and your world suddenly shattered into pieces. I know it’s painful to bear and you begin to lose control of yourself, you lost yourself in the process from this. Life will always be like that and it is full of surprises but just put in mind to keep your heads up and keep going no matter what life throws at you.

Keep going no matter how many days you’ve spent wondering and crying. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to pour those tears that are hiding within your eyes. Let it rain and cry until you no longer have tears to pour. Those liquid rushing into your face reminds us that you’re human and have an emotions. It’s okay not to be okay and cry if you could no longer hold those tears. Let it rain if it will make you feel better, and afterwards you’ll be okay again.

I promise you won’t feel this way forever. Just keep going.

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