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365 days

A year had gone so fast, and a day came when I finally met you again. Honestly, I don’t know how to react when I saw you face to face again for a long time, and I admit that you glow in a different way. My heart skips a beat again while looking at your eyes- those eyes who used to look back on mine.
I thought I wouldn’t feel anything towards you but I was wrong.

Looking at you brings back all the memories in the past — on how we used to be close with each other.

Painful. I defined it painful because seeing how you changed a lot and you no longer glance at my direction or smile even just a little.

Pain demands to be felt, and that’s how it goes for me now. Still, my heart feels heavy knowing you haven’t forgiven my past mistakes.

I guess it takes time to forget the pain I caused you. It is just like drafting any thoughts on how to unlove you after two years.

It is true. It takes time to heal; to forget; and to unlove you because I know that you already closed your heart.
I only beg for your forgiveness though the burden inside my heart which I carried for years– this pain slowly kills me and I don’t know how long will it take before it fades away.

I am still breathing outside but I am seriously dying day by day from the inside. How many years will it take before you can forget all the pain that I have caused you in the past? How many days do we need for healing all the wounds inside our hearts? How many days do I need in order to forget you fully? How many sleepless nights does it need to stop my tears from pouring on my pillow? How long will it take to unlove you? How many days? How many months? How many years?
I don’t know either, and only time can tell.
Only time knows when the perfect hour is.

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