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When the Doctor is Out

It was a rainy evening in June, twenty minutes past the hour of ten. A tall, pearl-skinned woman, wearing a face as serious as our Anatomy professor, entered our room saying,

” We have to confine him as soon as possible if his blood pressure continues to drop for another fifteen minutes. I am very sorry, but you can’t go home yet after his chemo.

My mother was shocked, ” Dear?… Wh.. what… what did she say? I.. I… wasn’t able to catch up on everything she’s mumbling earlier. ” my mother asked gently.

“Mom! Dad needs to be confined. AGAIN. ” I extremely emphasize that word__ “again.”
Since last month, we spent less time in our mansion in Del Terro – a remote village extending from the south of Westville District. We are located in the southern part of an elite town, The Grand Canary. We are actually separated by a wall, a great wall that is made of bricks. This wall separates the poorness of our small district away from the prestigious life the elite town of Canary has had, the town that never sleeps”.

Westville is actually not that vast as it covers only one-third of the mainland, but our small district struggles for over decades. My father has been serving that small district for great years. It is almost half of his age now.

Looking back on how busy my father gets every day to attend his district’s farmers’ errands, who were so dear to him. He loves treating his farmers like his own child, brother, companion, comrade. He even gives away a lot in his pocket for agricultural projects that would benefit the farmers. I remember that day, and it was late afternoon when my mother and I visited the farm. He was sitting on a bamboo house near a spooky sugarcane yard. I shouted, ” Dad! Daddy!! daddy…. look, I made sandwiches for you, grab a bite now, daddy .. it tastes terrific! ” I was jubilant to see his face smile as he grabs one sandwich and hands it over to an old man, a farmer of about 60 years older.
I suddenly grab the old man’s shirt that was covered with mud and said, ” That is not for you! Go away snd put that sandwich back! That is only for my father! You are only our servant, a farmer. ” I furiously shouted in anger, my eyes were red like bloodshed havoc that time, my eyes roar anger when actually my heart was covered with jealousy that time. Why? why did my father care too much for other people? And not even showing that to us, when in fact, we are his own family. My mom, my brother who flees away to get away with this kind of agony, I, who loves my father more than anyone, was ready to kill or even cursed just for my father. We are all like a pitiful dog wagging its tail and gazing with enviousness over just a farmer, a farmer who catches my father’s heart from the very beginning. All that my father did that day after I belittled his farmer in front of his comrades in our hacienda that day was still a fresh memory.

” What a disgrace! ” he snapped me on my face and was furious for what I did. ” You are just a small brat asking for a show?! How dare you say that in front of our farmers who toils like a cow, to put you in this kind of life!. ” I didn’t cry that night, but my father’s slapping was really painful. I was shocked because it is the first time my father got angry with me. I remembered how my last conversation with my brother is like, ” Why? Why do you need to go? I will talk to dad. I can convince him. I don’t want you out of our family… ” I was really crying a river that time… but my brother just said, ” Do you think I am happy here? .. You really think that if I felt that eagerness you’re bragging right now to make me stay, I would hug you and make dad’s decision changed? You are just a small kid, and you know nothing about this anger…. this grudge. I am happy.. walking out of that door a few minutes from now. My happiness is not inside this cage! It is outside because it is the freedom for me. ”

That was the last time that I heard my brother’s voice. Up until now, he isn’t showing up. I wonder if he knew what dad’s condition is, I wonder if he’d known it__ will he still want to go out of the cage?

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