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Consecrated Hosts

Lying naked on the floor,
I am giving you my all.
Crying bitterly sour,
I offer you my soul.

I was blinded since birth,
been doomed with darkness since childhood.
My teenage years were crucified by solitude,
but You have fostered me.

I am now yours
as you have sheltered me without hesitations.
You saved my being from temptations
and built a new home
inside my shipwreck.

Take me,
take all of my being.
Use me;
take a leap of faith through me.
Convert me to be your servant,
for this is all I want.

I want you to be my master;
my soul-redeemer.
Let your divine intervention
purify my imperfection.
I am giving you power over me —
be in charge of my own journey.
My captain,
my chief,
my savior,
my God.

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