Hapiness & Contentment Love Self Realizations


  • Eudora, aren‘t you tired
    crying out sadness all day long
    just for a dumb man whom you adored more than your life?

Eudora, when will you stop?
every time he calls, you would always make up
a few weeks later, there it goes another breakup.

Eudora, don’t you know?
you are not worthy,
worthy of that man you gave your heart away.

Eudora, is that really what you call love?
Aren’t you the one who always gives?
and never had a chance to receive.

Eudora, will you listen?
Please stop! You aren’t wounded yet.
There is a lot in life that has to brag you with.

Eudora, please hear me out.
Why be contented for less when you can always have more
And more of it?
A hundred more is yet to come.
because Eudora
You deserve more rather than to settle for less.

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