Regrets Reminiscence

Take me back to the start

Take me back to those days when I only see your smile in the shades of night, where your laughter echoes in distance.
Take me back to those days when you and I sat on the ground outside the camp, counting the stars in the sky one by one and wondering why there are millions of them every night. You truly love to stare at them and like the stars I see the sparkle in your eyes when you lift your head above.
Take me back to those days when you share your secrets with open arms and trusting me without any doubt, but I failed to keep them between the two of us.
I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise with you but it doesn’t mean I did it intentionally to hurt your pride. I made a mistake that day and forever I’ll carry that regrets inside my heart.
Take me back to those days when you and I are still friends, but now are gone and became two strangers walking on the same street.

Take me back to the start and I’ll correct all of my mistakes I’ve done to you. I promise to keep your secrets, and I’ll not break the trust you had given me and together we will watch the stars above while laying on the ground.

Take me back to those days and allow me to keep you forever beside me. Allow me to love you without any doubt in your heart. Allow me to hold your hands when you’re confused and lost. Take me back there, take me back there.

But the bitter truth is, it will never happen anymore because the past will remain in the past. Those happenings in the past will remain there giving me some lessons in life- that no matter how hard you try to correct your mistakes it will never be the same as before. People change, feelings fade, friendship ends but the the memories will always stay no matter how time flies. This is now and the future will unfold soon. I know I couldn’t bring back those times with me but I’m hopeful that once in a blue moon I’ll be able to see those smiles you used to wear when you see me and I’ll be waiting for that day.

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