Adulthood Freedom Love Self Realizations

Walking through gray skies. (Acrostic Poem I)

When I abandoned him that day,
And left him hanging in the air with broken heart.
Losing him was quite painful in the first place and,
Kind of freedom I’m longing for a long time.
I don’t know why I felt that way,
Never thought about what would be the consequences when I left him,
Good days with him will still be remembered as I went through time.

Through the good times, through the bad times,
How I wish we keep on fighting to save what’s left unto us.

Remember I have done my part to keep the love in between and
Of all the ways I surrender just to save him from drowning below,
Unfortunately he didn’t change his ways,
Getting worst every now and then.
How can you help yourself then if you don’t mind and appreciate my presence?

Great things come uneasy as I thought,
Realizations hit me hard like slapping my face with stone hands,
And as I walked under the gray skies,
You were no longer the one I’m dreaming and thinking of.

Some things were never meant to be together until the end, and
Knowing your worth will make you realized your value.
In the end of the day you’re worthy to be love by someone you deserve.
Everyone has its own destiny and
Someone will stick with you through thick and thin, appreciating you forever.

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