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Monsters are real and yes they do exist in our world. You can’t see them everywhere but their presence are always seen by our naked eyes. How is that possible though? Well, they’re not that monsters you saw from movies that we used to watch. They don’t have a face either, that scary and freaking appearance to be exact. We cannot touch them nor hold them with our bare hands but we can feel them. Monsters are real and they are living inside us, inside the human bodies. It is a demon inside us that lurk in dark corners of our entity. Greed, envy, lust, selfishness are among them.

Having all the things you desire in life is not bad as long as you did it in a good manner without stepping someone’s else life. Yet some are greedy and doesn’t care about others in today’s new generation. Fulfilling their heart’s desire without taking consideration about the people around them. Greediness is a monster that dwells in humans heart and it cannot be cured instantly. Greediness will not end as long as the heart of some people will never be contented by the possessions that they have.

Have you ever envy somebody else? You got envious by their possessions, by their fame, by their achievements. Don’t be envious by those things, it will make you desire those things and will put yourself down. You have your own success by time, just be patient and work for your dreams. Being envious will make your life complicated. Instead guard your heart and learn to appreciate what you have and just keep on working on your progress.

Lust are everywhere and it can be seen by our eyes. The very reason why some relationship ended up because of the call of the flesh. Casual sex are common nowadays, you can have it everywhere if you have money and you’re lucky if you have done it free. Having sex is not a big deal anymore in society today. Admit it or not some doesn’t value their body anymore as long as they feel pleasure. Don’t let lust control your flesh and life for it will ruin your relationship to your love ones.

Selfishness are not new in this world we live. I have seen a lot of people being selfish in a society I walked in. Some are fond of loving their own interest and doesn’t care about others. Just imagine if you live in a society full of selfishness. Just imagine how you live your life without humanity around you. Just imagine the world full of selfish hearts and doesn’t know the word humanity. Selfishness will not make your life status go up but it will make you unsatisfied every now and then. Don’t let it control you for no one lives in this world superior than others. At the end of day possessions will just fade in this world.

We live in society today where people are quick to judge and slow to show respect and love with others. This is the reason why some of us no longer socializing in our society. How would you adapt this kind of place if this monsters living inside the human hearts scattered around the corner? This monsters are real and they ruled some of us in this generation. They are living inside us everyday and will continue to reign in human’s lives forever if we don’t change our ways.

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