Death Journey Life

Across the Bridge

I still recall that day when you saw me in the bridge near the town. I was lost that day and ready to surrender into death when you found me. You grabbed my shirt and hugged me tight on my back. “Don’t do that, don’t end your life. You’re too young to leave in this world.” You said. I was totally lost in myself that everything doesn’t matter in me anymore, even taking my own life. I was ready to jump but you were there to stop me. That day was probably the most memorable day of my life. I was saved by a stranger who showed love and care towards other without any hesitation. Without you maybe I’m gone right now, maybe the water drown my vulnerable body. But you were there at the right time and telling me the value of life, telling me I have a purpose in life. Your words encouraged me to keep going with my life, it gave me a new direction and hope not to give up easily. You were my life changer. But life is ironic, isn’t it? I never thought that someone who saved me from drowning into death will surrender himself unexpectedly. Why? Why did you easily give up with your life? Why did you hide and pretend that everything was alright. I never had any clue when I met you again one time. You just smiled at me, the last smile I have seen before you took your own life. You’re not a stranger in my life that day when you saved me on that bridge. We became friends, we became family because I don’t have any either. You saved me and changed my life but I wasn’t able to save yours. It still pained me when I remember you. You forgot what have you said on me that day on this bridge. You forgot that your life matters. You forgot that I’m still here for you willing to listen to your struggles. You forgot that you have a friend, a family and me. Thank you for saving my life, for changing my direction. Forgive me for I wasn’t able to save yours. I just pray that wherever you are, I hope you find the peace you were searching for.

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