Always You.

1 2 3…I count the tik-tok of the clock.
It’s been almost two years when we parted our ways.
When we suddenly became strangers.
4 5 6… Did you ever forget me?
Did you forgive me already from my stupid mistakes?
Or have you totally moved on from that?
7 8 9…I still wipe my tears every night like a dead star.
I still look in the dark sky searching for something that would make me feel alive again.
I’m still waiting for the day to hear the words “I forgive you” from your lips.
10 11 12…my heart says stop, my mind says don’t.
Forget her said one, I love her the other one told.
She don’t love you the other side of me, but I love her the other half of me.
13 14 15…why is it hard to forget you?
Forgetting you is a curse dragging me to the depths.
Forgetting you is an art I couldn’t master.

16 17 18…tell me how to fall out love with you?
Tell me how to get rid of your flaws because I still love them.
Tell me how to unlove you without bleeding.
19 20…I tried everything to forget you,
But it will always be you inside this four corners of my heart,
It will always be you no matter how time flies.

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