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A d u l t e r i u m (the beginning: reminisce the fresh start)

I was damned sure that love hitted me,
the moment I married my husband.
I could still remember how he stood by my side in times,
when fear sorrounded our bond.

I could still hear his whisper’s of hope,
in times when darkness shrinked in me,
like a loop.

he was my mere protector, a friend, a lover.
he was my soul-keeper,
he keeps me calm.
he knows not just a tip of my iceberg
but all of my inside blemishes and freckles.

he was such a great husband
not until…
that day, when I lose this feeling of contentment.
I begun searching for adventure.

Why am I feeling this way?
I should’ve been happy and fullfilled to have had such an accomplished man and two lovely daughters.
What drives me to think, that I am unhappy?
Am I really losing my appetite?

he used to be my favourite,
the one and only but now I am in doubt,
because I know there was something in me
that has changed.
I certainly am losing an appetite for my favourite dish.
I certainly am losing my drive towards my husband.

(to be continued…..)

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