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Missing You

I saw your face drawn on the lonesome moon above me.
As the night encircles the environ,
it reminded me of your sweet embrace.
When time took you off from me,
when distance forbids us to find each other,
the universe made me want to see you more.

Amidst any frustrating moments,
the longings grow deeper.
In the presence of an argument,
emotions would always come in between.
It has been awhile – quite awhile since we met again,
but the flame has never died, I guess.

I’m not sure why our paths should cross again,
for one cannot totally defy what’s gonna happen.
There has been a little awkwardness,
but thankfully everything went well…for now.
I’m uncertain where will this lead to
since everything is unclear at the moment.
Though you always make me feel unimportant,
my heart still continues to utter:
“I’m missing you.”

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