Love Reminiscence

A Song of a Poet

I was lost, I was lost,
lost in the thought of you.
I was scared, scared to let you know that I’m missing you until now so badly.
What would I do if you never know me anymore?
Yes, you do know me, but now totally astranger in your eye,
And here I am wandering while looking at the sky.
So tell me how to forget about your smile, your laugh and your memories inside my head, so tell me where to find the cure for this broken heart.
And where do broken hearts go?
Where do broken hearts go?
Where do I find the place to be in peace within myself?
Cause I’ve been fighting hard to forget everything about you,
Yet here you always appear in my dreams.

I held in your hands, touch your pale skin and looked in your innocent eyes, and then you said “I love you”, the missing word I’ve been waiting for a long time was heard by my dying being.

We walked on the place we used to stay, and there we reminisced the days we meet until we become comfortable with each other. And then I wonder if it was a dream or illusion inside my mind. I closed my eyes to assure that I was not dreaming, and when I opened my eyes you suddenly vanish in an instant.

And I’ve been dreaming for a long time, to see you once again in our rendezvous. And I’ve been dreaming to talk to you like nothing happened between us in the past. And I’ve been dreaming to see those smile you wear when you’re in front of me. I’ve been dreaming of this since the day we parted our ways.

Where do broken hearts go? Where do broken hearts go?

So tell me where do broken hearts go, and I’ll find that place.

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