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Venetian Proverb

A vulnerable cat hides its fierceness along the corners of its whiskers.

A shy flower whose poison sorrounds its venomous vine.

A porous sponge who bears all weight inside its empty texture.

A little butterfly who flies in chorus through the petals swinging into the air.

A scented candle being lit in a sultry night
smells invisibly hiding along the walls of thy sight.

The pretty dancing daffodils whose fragrance remains subtle not until it was pricked by a fleeting knight.

An empty jar waiting to be filled up on the river of abundance.

A beggar who patiently sits and ponders what life has to offer.

A billionaire who lays on a fury mattress thinking how to spree his fortune yet can’t feel contentment.

A superstar who lives in stardom but as the camera light’s off, fear becomes her only friend.

A normal person who always lives life to the fullest, never thinks of all the wordly possession yet always struggles to win life’s obstacle.

The business tycoon whose wealth and brain are as full as his foolishness, never dared to be as poor as the farmer who toils everyday on his ricefields.

The gracious farmer who works hard like his cow, one day became a well-known merchant and is now helping others to survive.

The prosecutor who is a veteran in legalities blindly sees the lightness in his everyday work,
for always, he is as hard as steel.

A bandit who spent half of his life being a fugitive,
one day sees the light and was transformed to become a priest.

My dear, all these pretty huge to little things in life
yawns when the sun sets, awakes as the sun rises.
One must not be too proud, and self-centered
neither be shy and self-deprived for there will always be highs and lows
There will always be a greater and lesser person than ourselves.
Thy naked eyes won’t be able to see through it.

One must have a soul, to flashlight every details inside that portrait.
Looking intrinsically to see the authenticity of living life.
Because all things no matter how big or small,
has its significance.

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