Love Regrets Reminiscence

He’s into her.

Too many hours had passed,
Too many time had gone so fast.
Some things had changed,
And people had totally changed.
Yet there he is still the same,
Never changing for what he is,
Never changing his ways,
Never changing his love for her.
She’s still the one in his heart.
He’s into her even hundred of nights had faded.
The stars witnessed how he silently wiped his tears with regrets in his heart.
The mornings knew how he wandered while he sipped a cup of coffee while watching from a distance,
Remembering her face, her figure, her laugh, her childish ways and sweet gestures, her memories while asking in himself what have he had done?
He was beaten by his past, by his painful and regretful past.
He still loves her after so many changes around him.
It will always be her in his heart, even now they turned to be strangers.
He still loves her and he couldn’t deny it.
Why she’s still the one until now?
A question that always pops out of his mind
And then he’ll stare blankly at the horizon looking for answers, and found nothing but the million stars above.

He’s into her and she’s still his favorite subject in his poetry, he’s into her and she’s the rythm that runs in his veins keeping him to keep writing. He’s into her and no one can replace her in his heart and poetry he made. He’s into her and he loves her until now, until the sun in his days will vanish.

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