Love Self Realizations

Remembering You

As I gaze upon the stars,
playful constellations drew something up.
A countenance I’ve never seen for quite awhile-
that masculine look I almost didn’t recognize.
In the spur of that awkward moment
I forced myself to recall the days with you.
I thank time though for its passing,
you were almost forgotten after some aches.
Surprising as it is, I remembered you
but all that was left are the hurtful recollections.
Have I forgiven you really
or have I forgotten to do so?
As I looked back in the sky,
I couldn’t help but wonder why.
Of all the days, why now?
I want to forget you, I really do.
But somehow I understand my feelings,
Maybe I just wouldn’t admit that I still miss you.
Don’t be mistaken though,
I won’t ask for a second chance.
There were just things I haven’t let go of-
and some of them were about you.
I only wish for one thing though
as I once again beseech for some musings.
I hope one day when I look up in the sky,
I can only remember good things about you.
But for now, be happy somewhere else,
in someone else’s arms and love.

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