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Lifetime Erratum

“What have I done?” You just did something you’re not supposed to.
“Then why I did it?” You were on the brink between doing it and not doing it but you chose to do it.
“What am I thinking?” You were thinking about the consequences of your choices.

“You made a mistake. That is all.” A dignified statement emanating from a troubled mind.
My thoughts are in motion now, each fighting for its own voice to be heard. The devil within has found its way out, in the most unreasonable time. The desire has been buried deep but as time went on, its longing to be freed continued to disturb my peace. The human nature, no matter how values are kept cannot always escape the test.

I start hating myself again for surrendering at the evil’s call, for giving up the vow I’ve sworn. It’s too late for regret, the damage has been done. I’m not vindicated for being innocent, simply because you’re now a full grown being with selfish desires. I know it shouldn’t be done but it happened still. I had the voice to shout for a loud “No!” but i silently signaled for a yes.

The devil with so much eagerness laughed at my frailty. “I know what you really want, and I am just here to provide you with that. Be happy, dear. That is all that matters now.” A mocking laughter echoed through the cursed place. He won, and I allowed him to. I made him the happiest being. My mistake is his most treasured prize.

Gradually, I was back on my senses, as the clutching fingers of the devil loosens its grip on me. I suddenly remembered what I have done. I cried as I realized the gravity of my sin. I know I was wrong and it can’t be undone despite how regretful I am. It happened, that’s it.

“I failed the test but it doesn’t mean I’m a loser in everything. My mistakes do not define me. In fact, I am refined by them. It’s just that I’m weak, for now. Well, it’s true that I can’t go back to the past and redo what I have done, but my future is still a promising one. The present allows us to commit mistakes and learn through them. I am just a human being, and even the world will turn its back on me, a mighty Being is not and will never be giving up on me.”

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