Love Reminiscence


In a cloudy blue sky
one hot summer morning,
I came across a riverbank
and saw a lady sitting on the bench,
crossing her legs, like an aristocrat.
She got a revolting beauty, like a democrat.

Let this be told: I was hitted by Cupid
The moment Filicity gazed at me.
It’s like lying on a thousand sweet cotton candies.
The moment she smiled back,
it’s like being gunshot by an AK47.

As the tangerine sun kissed the pale blue sky,
I have gathered a million dose of courage to ask her out.
It took her 60 days to answer me a yes
We had one whole day exchanging sweet Hi and Hello
only to have one fleeting hour for a bittersweet tomorrow.

Oh! My mischievous Filicity was like a once-in-a-bluemoon.
She made my heart beat
only to tore my aorta and cheat.
She took me higher at 360 degrees,
only to bury my feelings six feet under
like a disease.

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