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When I was a kid…

When I was a kid, I had always believed that having all the things in life would make you happy. I dreamed of having those toys I’ve seen with my innocent eyes when I used to play with my other playmates. Oftentimes I got sad knowing I couldn’t owned even a single toy. But the great part of being a kid way back then was we could freely play around. We ran freely in an open field like birds flying over the sky. The sky is the limit when we began to play our favorite games. We had a lot of resources when it comes in the games we played. Kids way back then are far different compare nowadays. Kids nowadays are not fond of playing under the light of sun. Unlike before only the night could stop us from playing outside but now kids preferred to play indoor using gadgets.

When I was a kid I had always wished to grow up fast so I could do whatever I want. I’m always dreaming of this whenever I was beaten by my parents. But now as reached the life of being an adult things had totally change. The way I look at life right now is far off from what I had dreamed in my younger years. Being an adult is not that easy as I thought way back then. You need to push yourself everyday, you need to keep going even if things around you doesn’t match your expectations. You need to be more patient when dealing uncertainties that comes a long your way. You need to survive everyday, fight your battles and keep your head up high. Adulthood is like a roller coaster ride: some days the ride seem so fine, the other days you need to grip harder and hold tightly in the handles. Crazy isn’t it? This is adulthood and this is the dillema I once dreamed of.

When I was a kid, I also dreamed of having someone who will love me and stay with my side. I found her and I could almost say she’s the one I’ve been dreaming of. But the latter I wasted the opportunity on keeping her at my side. I guess some things in life come and go. Someone would stay with us for a while, someone would stay forever and someone would leave you with memories to be remembered. Loving and letting go are just part of adulthood. This part would eventually taught us the greatest lesson of being an adult. Handling your emotions, making right choices, and choosing what makes us better.

And now as recall those days when I had wished to grow up fast I smile bittersweet knowing I wish to stay longer in my younger years. No pressure, no disappoinment, no pain, no heartbreaks. Being young you could play freely, no burdens to be carried, no regrets to be thought while laying in your bed. Being young is the best days of life and no one could deny this part.

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