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9:59 Sentiments

Yeah, I admit there are times I still recall those days about how I met you along the portals of our school. Those good old days we began to share our thoughts and views about life, about society was pretty cool to recall. I’ve enjoyed those moments together with the gang when we traveled from one place to another. Yeah, that was fun to recall for it gave me a lot of adventure and happy moments together with you. It still pain me when I remember those thoughts and I really don’t know why, that sucks though. Maybe the memories hit me hard for I never imagined it would be like this and not the way I expected. I’m lost, totally lost for a while when we parted our ways unexpectedly. Who would have thought the ending between our friendship comes in an instant. Regrets? Yeah, regrets oftentimes beats me about everything related to you. The boundaries I broke just to reach you as more than a friend. The what ifs? What if I choose not to let you know about the love I felt for you? What if I just remained silent about my feelings? Maybe we’re still friends until now. Maybe we’re still in touch until now. Maybe we’re still chatting late at night. Yeah, too many maybes and what ifs. I don’t know if you know about this, but I swear I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings in the first place. I’m just blown by the actions I’ve done. Too late to realized the consequences of my actions. I’m sorry for I wasn’t able to apologise on you in person. I wasn’t able to be a gentleman that I always wanted to be. I don’t know if you’re reading this and if you saw this I hope somehow you understand my part. Yeah, I know you had also a mistake in the first place, but you’re a woman and I failed to respect or be gentle towards you. I hope somehow, someday we’ll be able to talk with no hate feelings and awkwardness. I wish you still the best in life, conquer your dark past and beats the demons on your way. I hope your heart will be filled with hopes and happiness for you deserve it. May you reach for your dreams you aspire and love you deserve.

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