Courage Love Reminiscence

The Martyrdom

Whisper of solitude echoes from a distant sky
while I was waiting here in silence.
Shade of purplish grey shadows my mind
as I counted all the chances you’ve lost, as I am giving it freely.

What have I done?
I don’t know either, but love was all I have to give
and pain is the price I should live.

Whisper of sorrow radiates my spectrum
while I gazed upon your cheating eyes.
I had known your betrayal since then,
yet I am willing to be tongue-tied.

What have I done?
I don’t know either, but love is all I have to bear
for thee I am risking my own gear.

Whisper of peace trancends along the dark abyss of death.
I smirked, because solitude is there to welcome me
and fear was knocking on my chest for the after- party.
I don’t even know if you’ll attend my ceremony
and throw me roses which suites my agony.

What have you done?
Do you even know?
Death is a toll you paved in my porosity.
and I shall regret everything through eternity.

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