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Five Reasons to die, Five Reasons to live.

For others death is painful, while for me death ends the struggles of living in this chaotic world. But nevertheless living on this land we stand contradicts the ending of every story of men. As we go deeper in the class of life we’ll somehow found out the black and white side of it: the dark and light forms of being a human being.

First reason to die: I’m a failure.

I’m a professional already at the old age. I had finished my degree way back 7 years ago but still jobless. I threw every opportunity that came along my way at my first two years after leaving the portals of my school. The struggle is real and I got stuck and my career got stagnant. I finished my studies and end up for nothing and by this moment of my life I consider myself as a failure. I’m a failure.

Second reason to die: Heartaches and heartbreaks.

I met a woman in my college days and later on I fell in love with her. We’re not that close before until later days we started to hang up together. Lately we began to see each other and as days passed by I can’t deny my feelings towards her. I don’t know why I love her even until now as I write this. Sadly she never loved me back for some instances ruin the foundation of our friendship. That’s the gamble about love indeed, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. I lost her unexpectedly and it’s my fault in the first place. I deserve this heartache and heartbreak anyway.

Third reason to die: Lost on the road.

As time goes by I see the faces of people who have already at the peak of their success. While here I am still, don’t know where to start over again. Walking with a blurry vision towards the unknown road of life, I’m lost at the moment and don’t know where to go. I’m a wanderer in the middle of the storm and got astray by the heavy downfalls of the rain. I got lost in the crowd and don’t know how to go out in a narrow road. I bathed and danced in the rain but got slipped on the floor, unable to dance in the storm.

Fourth reason to die: I’m a burden.

How would you feel if you’re unable to contribute inside the home you live? No job and doesn’t earn a money to support them even yourself. They carry you on their shoulders everyday. Indeed, a burden they carry for the rest of their lives. Why I’m still in this home? I don’t belong here because I’m too heavy to be carried anymore. Sometimes I wish I could disappear in an instant.

Fifth reason to die: I’m unworthy.

Sometimes I wonder why God created me in this world. Who am I to ask that question though? I know it’s a sin to ask Him like that but sometimes I can’t help it. I began asking what’s my worth living on this Earth? I’m a failure, a burden in others’ shoulders and a useless human being. I know someone out there is far better than me to live on this land but unable to live longer. Life sometimes is ironic. No– life is always ironic.

First Reason to live: You’re not a failure.

I know I don’t get what I have expected after the long days in school I spent. But it doesn’t mean I’m a failure without getting the things I dreamt of. Don’t give up self that easily and remember you’re not a failure. Maybe your time is not yet set. Maybe tommorow you’ll wake up you have done far better than your dreams. You’re not a failure and continue to start over again.

Second reason to live: Moving on and loving yourself.

Always remember that love sometimes is playful. We may not be loved back by the person we love but put in mind it’s okay. Love yourself more than anyone else. I know someday someone will love you back the way you couldn’t imagine. Move on and forget her, I know it’s not that easy to move on but I know one day the pain and regrets will disappear in your heart. Keep moving and be a better person.

Third reason to live: Keep Walking.

I know you’re lost in the moment and don’t know where to go. But always remember you have your feet to keep going, to keep walking. Don’t just stand there in the road of unknown and walk your way to find a better road. And if ever it rains, go find some trees to hide yourself. You’re not alone in the road remember that. Keep on walking and someone will walk on your side no matter how rough the road.

Fourth reason to live: You’re not a burden.

You’re not a burden as you thought. Your family loves you more than you imagine. They are there to help you in your downfalls. Instead help yourself to become better and don’t be stuck at one corner. Go find a way and always put in mind your home will always be your family no matter what happens.

Fifth reason to live: You have a purpose.

And if you ever ask yourself why God created you in this world? He created you because you have a purpose on this life. I know you’ve been struggling about your life but never think you’re unworthy. Always put in mind someone needs your presence. You’re a friend, you’re a neighbor, you’re someone with purpose because God created of all us according to our purpose. The next time you question your life, you question Him, put in mind He created you because you are special. You are worthy.

Life is a series of ups and downs. Get up when you’re down, crawl hard on your knees but never stop moving forward. Some days the sun will be black, some days the rain will fall heavy but remember the moon and stars will still rise every night to shine upon the darkness of the night.

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