Hapiness & Contentment Journey Life

Beautiful Lie

From thoughts to deeds, they wander
slow creeping creatures who are fonder.
Towards the swampy and marshy land
out from there they held hand-
the struggling slayers of futile souls.

Beyond the vastness of narrow corners
they trek, reaching all the world’s borders.
With enticing, devilish bunch of smiles,
only unfathomable fear is left along the miles.
“Bwahahaha!”, said one with a vile look.

Born out of flshing neon lore
they grew and conquered the core.
Pumping, throbbing with rhythmical beat
whispering words with embellishing heat.
“Come, let me take you home.”

In the midst of hidden desire and intensity
there encroached the plethora of propensity-
vividly speaking of sporadic passion.
The captivators have won against the tension.
Another graceful submission was witnessed.

This has been her little untold story,
of how the world took her glory.
The world in the form of darkness
destroyed her well-earned brightness.
For the first time, somebody faced a war to win her!

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