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What makes her beautiful?

And if you ask me, what makes her beautiful?
Well, she’s beautiful not because of her make ups, not with her lipstick either.
She’s pretty when she smiles, the curve in her face makes her look more feminine and that’s irresistible.
She’s lovely neither with her color, nor with her race.
She doesn’t have a small waist, a big breast but you know what makes her sexy?
Her smile, her intelligence, her kindness, enough to capture the heart of many.
She’s beautiful not with the dress she wears nor the diamonds she puts in her body. She herself is more than that because she was made wonderfully by the Creator.
And if someone asks you what makes her beautiful, answer them she’s beautiful because she’s a woman. And every woman is beautifully created to be loved, to be cherished and deserves respect no matter what her size, race, status in life or even her dark past.

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