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Behind the mask

It’s been five months when the unseen enemy scattered around the world. The virus seemed not a threat on the first place as what the officials have said in the national television. Some joked around about this thing, making fun of this unseen virus like it’s not a big deal. Even the highest officials were not alarmed by this threat until the number of cases has risen. The virus spread faster in just a few days and no one saw this coming.

The government said they’ll handle the problem and would prevent the virus from spreading across the country. Following protocols and guidelines was the first step implemented by authorities but was still allowing the foreign flights across the other nations. The number of cases got higher by this move of the government, as a result the virus spread continuously in the country within a month.

The government locked down the whole country, not allowing foreign flights anymore. They became strict also about the protocols and guidelines they set for the people. They pushed the enhance community quarantine in every city that has higher number of positive cases. Everyone was not allowed to go out without any quarantine pass and mask. Social distancing was being strictly observed but still few were not able to follow this. Some were still ignorant and didn’t care about the higher risk of getting the virus. Some people are hard headed as expected and doesn’t care about others’ health.

We, the frontliners struggled as days passed by. The number of patients who got infected by the virus got higher every day. The normal number of hours we spent in our duties became crucial due to the doubled number of patients we monitor. The struggle of wearing a mask and PPE and not able to hug or join my family in the table while eating saddens me. They have to distance themselves from their family just to keep them safe. Just a imagine a doctor who is also a mother who cannot kiss her 3 year old daughter because of her safety. Truly that’s a struggle and burden to a mother.

The COVID cases around the world got serious and everyday thousands of life were taken. There are still no cure for this disease and eventually it will take long before the medical experts can discover the cure for it. The higher officials and authorities around the globe did their duties to support their people but still there were few who kept their shot about their personal agenda. Politics as always predicted to be this way and personal interest comes first before the people’s needs. Despitethe efforts, medical practitioners are still on the verge of criticism. Some say, they need to work harder. Why are people like that? They keep on blaming yet have failed to appreciate the efforts of frontliners like us. If you want to help your country then do your job. If you belong to the government help those jobless individuals who struggle everyday, and if you’re an ordinary individual stay at home if necessary and follow the advice of the authorities.

I don’t know when this pandemic will end, but if we follow the protocols and help each other the burden will be lessened. In this times of hardship and struggle we need each other in order to survive. We need sympathy and empathy from one another. What we really need now is deeper understanding, to place ourselves in each other’s shoes so that we may conprehend the hardship of one another. The unseen enemy can only be cured if all will able to cooperate as one team. The virus is the enemy and the antidote for it lies within our hands.

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