Love Self Realizations

Autumn and Spring

It was autumn when you left, the sun seemed fine but not showing his rays below the earth.
The trees were lifeless as their leaves started to fall one by one on the ground. Their figures were dying without those green leaves attached to their branches.
So dull, so lifeless, just like me when you left me behind that day. My world became dull in a moment, and I was lifeless as I thought. You were the leaves that slowly fading when the wind blew hard, and I was the tree. You kept on falling everyday, and I felt empty as those leaves fell on the ground. You were the falling leaves and I was the dying tree in autumn. But I know one day spring will come and my lifeless figure will be alive again. One day the broken pieces of my past will no longer disturb my heart and mind. And one day I’ll be whole again.

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